Start Making Rap Beats Day 3

It's day 3 of the Rap Beat Tips eCourse.  Lets get to it.

When you sit down to make a beat are you ever confused on how to get your beat started?  Do you know what sounds or loops to start with?

Starting with a blank slate and then trying to make a beat from scratch is tough.  You can sit there wondering if you should start by adding a Hi Hat or maybe some kick drums.  Or maybe start by grabbing a drum loop.

It can all be confusing and overwhelming.  And if you start with the wrong sounds it will only get harder to make a beat that flows and has rythm.  The first sounds you add set the tone and future of what your beat will become.

But if you start out wrong you are only making it harder on yourself.  You just start complicating your already daunting task.

Well, there is hope.  You guessed it...the Rap Beats Manual will show you what sounds and loops to start your beat making process with.  It will tell you step by step the order in which to add various sounds to make beat making as simple as possible.

I hope you are starting to see how much knowledge and info is inside the Rap Beats Manual.  It really is the bluprint for making beats and it can help you start making better beats today. 

So really, what are you waiting for. Start taking your beats from wanksta to gangsta.